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Folder structure configuration. If flat structure is used, all projects are stored in a given folder. If non-flat structure is used, projects locations can be modified.



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WebStudio Settings

warning WARNING! If you click this button, all settings will be restored to default values. All user defined values, such as repository settings, will be lost. Use this button only if you understand the consequences.

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Tag Types and Values

Tag type is a category that includes tag values of the same group. For example, the Product tag type can include tags Auto, Life, and Home.

Proceed as follows:

  • To add a tag type, in the New Tag Type field, enter the tag type name and press Enter or Tab. The tag type is added, and fields for tag values appear.
  • To add a tag value, in the New Tag field, enter the tag name and press Enter.

All created tag types and values are saved automatically.

Tags from a Project Name

Tags can be extracted from a project name using a project name template.

Each template must be defined on its own line. The order of the templates is important: the first template has the highest priority, the last template has the lowest priority.

Tag types are wrapped with the percentage '%' symbol.

'?' stands for any symbol.

'*' stands for any text of any length.


For the %Domain%-%LOB%-* template, for the Policy-L&A-rules project, the tags are Policy for the Domain tag type and L&A for LOB.

Project name templates:

Email server configuration